New Leadership Driving Innovation and Providing True Representation for Our District

  Texas A&M graduate and proud father of two, Chad Green has the education, experience, and vested interest in our district that we sorely need!  CEO of the internationally recognized Five Star Innovation LLC, Mr. Green has a technology and education background that will provide the framework for innovation and change in our district, as McKinney ISD Trustee Position 6.  Chad has worked with CTB: McGraw-Hill, NWEA and The Princeton Review developing products and working in business development. In Texas, he developed and managed the MSTAR program and TMSDS. he currently sits on several district stem advisory boards and is an integral part in Five Star Innovation -- an organization that has partnered with the military and school districts for robotics and coding competitions. These experiences have given him great insight into the current education space and what is coming in the future.

Chad has listed out his top four priorities and can be summarized as:

  1.  Being a voice for the community to district leadership. He has said "I have often been on the receiving end, where leaders refuse to respond or even accept a meeting request. Personally, I can commit to being a responsive leader and will always be available to anyone and everyone who has a question or concern related to our district or education, in general."

  2. Chad wants to help drive opportunity and partnerships for McKinney ISD by actively working with companies in our area to identify the skills and certifications they need their employees to have so our kids can have strong careers right after high school.

  3. He promises to pursue strong internship programs for our students during high school.  Getting them the valuable experience they need to be set on the path to success at college or in the workforce!

  4. He promises to begin work on the development of  certification tracks to be explored by our kids, starting in elementary school.

I WILL BE YOUR VOICE on the school board and will always fight for equity across our ENTIRE district!  This is why I have chosen to run for the "At Large" position on the school board.  I want to represent our school district and every student, tax payer, and community member that calls McKinney ISD home! I humbly ask for your support and for your vote on  May 4th, 2019.


Debt without a degree is the single biggest topic that concerns me. It has the potential of undermining the quality work that our school districts do. We have to find a way to teach persistence to our kids and ensure they are college or career ready, so that they will not fall into this trap. --Chad Green 



Political ad paid for by Shane Haggerty, treasurer, 2717 Sunny Meadow, McKinney Tx. 75072

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